About Us

We’re a small team based in the North West.

We have an insurmountable passion for making people smile.

Here’s how we got there.

First of all, we taught ourselves how to play music.

We worked hard and earned ourselves a record deal.

We toured the world with our musical heroes.

People all over the globe heard our music.

They smiled, tapped their feet & bounced around.

Some might have crowd surfed too.

A few years later, we taught ourselves how to DJ.

Our event became the hottest ticket in town.

And same thing happened.

People smiled, tapped their feet & bounced around.

Later still, we launched our own music festival.

Over three years, almost 20,000 people smiled, tapped their feet & bounced around.

And it was only after that we realised.

We were making people feel better because they’d experienced our work.

Our work was engaging their senses.

The visuals. The sounds. The smells.

And ultimately their feelings.

That’s what we had been doing the whole time.

A wise lady once said that people never forget how you made them feel.

And we’d have to agree.

Making people smile is all we’ve ever known.

We’re hungry to do it some more, too.

Our determination is unrivalled.

Our viewpoint is unique.

Let’s see what we can do for you, shall we?